Do you want to activate or deactivate the answering machine access with a secret code? You don’t know how to do it. It’s very simple. You are at the right point to put your difficulties in the past tense. This article shows you the easy way to activate or deactivate the answering machine access with secret code.          

What you need to know about the answering machine first

Even though many people already know what an answering machine is, it is still new to some. So, it must be said that an answering machine is an electronic device or tool whose primary purpose is to automatically answer a phone call for a user. It is a mobile equipment that automatically answers in place of a user who is absent or does not wish to answer. As said, the function of this tool is to automatically answer a phone call in place of the user.

Some answering machines, the simplest ones, answer and play a pre-recorded message to the callers, which is called an announcement, while the most advanced answering machines with the evolution of technology record the callers’ messages after the announcement is played.

What is the process for activating and deactivating access to the answering machine with secret code


The answering machine can be activated and deactivated. This is also possible with a secret code. Here is how to do it.


To activate the secret code, just dial 222 from your mobile and go to “3” Personal options management. Then press option “1” which will allow you to create or modify your secret code. Follow the guide that will open to finalise your operation.


The process as you can already imagine follows much the same process. Dial 222 from your mobile phone to start with and then click on option “3” to go to the ‘Manage personal options’ menu. You then need to click on “3” again at this point to access the email access settings. You will of course follow the rest of the process here.

If there is anything you don’t understand in the rest of the process, we advise you to ask a mobile or telephone technician with experience in this field.